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Jiangsu Dinai Bioengineering Co.,ltd.

Jiangsu Dinai Bioengineering Co.,ltd.


Jiangsu Dinai Bioengineering Co.,ltd.
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Jiangsu Dinai Bioengineering co LTD Specializes in the development and production of nucleic acid diagnostic apparatus fluorescence quantitative nucleic acid diagnostic reagent and rapid fluorescence quantitative PCR apparatus The main products are microfluid controlled nucleic acid diagnostic apparatus 15 25 minute rapid fluorescence quantitative PCR apparatus and supporting reagents POCT series is a novel and rapid molecular diagnosis product in China Real time PCR is used for sensitive specific detection and quantification of nucleic acid targets We have developed one stop service center for your qPCR based research optimized master mixes real time PCR plastics and

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Real Time PCR System

Personal Real Time PCR Syetem

Array Real Time PCR System

TaqMan PCR

Nucleic Acid Workstations

Real Time Nucleic Acid Diagnosis System

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